Today, all wind turbines face a trade-off between rotor diameter and the required area of wind farm. For most applications, as the rotor-size of wind turbines increases, the "wake effect" results in a restricted amount of energy captured from a given land resource. Furthermore, larger rotor diameters are not efficient for harvesting turbulent wind resources present on islands or in mountainous areas.
This is why, based on the founder's experience in four generations of vertical axis wind turbines, Bogga Wind Power develops a novel approach to expand the amount of energy captured from a given wind farm area.

Our technology specifically overcomes this wake-effect trade-off, by allowing for a reduced and light-weight rotor size, while maintaining high-rotational speed and generator efficiency. Developed according to more than 20 years of wind turbine design and wind farm operation, the vertical axis based wind turbine allows for the overall densification of the wind farm.
In addition, the blades used are highly adapted for non-linear and turbulent wind regimes, which are particularly beneficial for the wind power project on islands or mountains. Furthermore, our light-weight rotor and ground-based generator provide lower logistics and installation costs of wind power projects in remote areas. Finally, the ground based power train includes a generator which improves availability and offers full power conversion for advanced grid network integration.

Our low-cost turbines harvest more wind resources and offer a more efficient usage of land resources.

Composite materials

Power train

Fluid dynamics