Bogga Wind Power benefits from strong collaboration with laboratories at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) as well as other Swiss universities of Applied Sciences such as HSR.
Our turbine development is made in close cooperation with industrial partners. In particular, our blades are developed with Swiss design know-how and manufacturing capabilities in the field of large structure composite materials. Bogga Wind Power has experienced a successful start, supported by the Swiss Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation, as well as prestigious foundations and awards on the international and Swiss innovation scenes.

Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI)

Foundation for Technological Innovation

The Ark, Foundation for innovation in Valais

Energypolis, Campus Valais/Wallis


EPFL Laboratory of Wind Engineering and Renewable Energy

HSR Rapperswil


The Cleantech Challenge


March 2015

EPFL: Wake effect: wind farms perform best when the sun is out
Batiactu: Après les skis, voilà les éoliennes paraboliques

February 2015

FIT foundation: Bogga Wind Power secures FIT funding
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December 2014

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November 2014

EPFL: New Models for Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines
EPFL Valais: Opening hydrogen storage pilot projet in Martigny
Swiss Federal Office of Energy: Un vent digne du bord de mer
New Energy Demonstrator Park: Future "fueling station" in Martigny delivers power or hydrogen
CleantechAlps: A la recherche de la cellule solaire pour l'hydrogène

October 2014

Windpower Engineering: Why not more VAWT?
ABB: Supply remote areas with wind power
ABB: Electrify off-grid communities in Africa

August 2014

ABB: Bogga Wind invited at the Swiss innovation day

April 2014

Showtime: Years Of Living Dangerously

February 2014

Agefi: The future of wind power at EPFL (in french)

February 2013

Clean Energy: The Wake Effect: impacting wind turbine siting agreements

March 2012

TED talk: A reality check on renewables

January 2012

Sandia laboratories: A retrospective of VAWT technology