Bogga Wind Power is a wind turbine technology and design company with more than 25 years of experience in the design, construction and operations of vertical axis wind turbines.

The famous "Darrieus rotor" wind turbine followed continuous improvements since the early 1980's. At FloWind Corporation, such turbines reached a well recognised industrial scale. More than 520 turbines, having a total installed capacity of 95 megawatt, were in operation on two California wind farms until 2004 (22 years of operation). One of our founders, the former owner of FloWind, has a long experience in the development of four generations of turbines from the early 1980's to 2010, with a rated power capacity of 150kW, 500kW, 300kW and 1000kW respectively.

Bogga Wind Power is a Swiss private company registered in Martigny (Valais). We develop the most successful vertical axis wind turbine design with modern design tools and most advanced technologies in the fields of composite materials and power generator systems.


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Our team has long experience in the development of vertical axis wind turbines at an industrial scale.

FloWind Corporation 95 MW wind farms